Monday, April 20, 2009


To counter the ultra-crankiness of the last couple of posts, I present this:

Things that make being on a Thunderdome team rock:
  • Being better than anyone thought you were going to be.
  • Doing something ridiculous or audacious.
  • Swaggering.
  • Getting to come up with a silly name and not give a shit whether it's marketable.
  • Playing with people you don't usually play with.
  • Having a good reason to get your friends to come see a show.
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Going balls out.
  • Doing a great set—win or lose.
  • Seeing all the improvisers in the audience.
  • Shiny belts and tiny trophies.
  • Hanging out with all the improvisers after the show.
  • Realizing that you want to keep playing together.
Reasons (besides Thunderdome) it's really fun to be a KC improviser right now:
  • At least three shows to choose from every weekend.
  • The chance to see a bunch of different styles without getting on a plane.
  • Arguing theory with people who disagree vehemently with you.
  • John's classes.
  • Improv-Abilities taking the festival to the next level.
  • Holy crap—the media knows we exist.
  • The KC Public Library digs improv.
  • Our three longest-running groups—ComedyCity, Full Frontal, ImprovAbilities—are still going strong.

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  1. I am (obviously) also excited by Improv Gym.

    And that there are new troupes coming around all the time -- both those that just started as well as those we're just discovering.

    And if certain planets align in the next 48 hours, City3 will have something majorly exciting.


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