Monday, April 27, 2009


Mine came with me to the Roving Imp on Saturday to watch Omega Directive and my little mini-set with Tommy.

They've seen some shows—especially my Mom, who swooped in when things were super-stressful at Lighten Up—but it felt great to have them there this weekend. I don't know that I've felt great about the work I was doing in shows they've seen for a while (I was just tiptoeing back in). So that was nice.

They brought their long-time friend Jane, who will tell her daughter Robin (one of my favorite childhood babysitters) about it. Their family lives in Leavenworth, so Bonner Springs is a pretty convenient place to see some funny.

Usually Mom and Dad know at least a couple of people in the cast, but not this time. They got to meet Dennis and Nikki and John and Denise and the Imps and Joe and Nathan, and were happy to put faces with names. (Mom reads this blog, so she can put faces with names now.)

The show didn't get too creepy—less adult content than usual—until the very end of the Poke set. I played a little girl and Tommy played a demon-worshipper who trying to get me to "renounce your mother's God." (He killed my kitty, the big meanie.)


I was pretty happy the scene never needed me say
those exact words. I have absolutely no trouble playing a character with radically different views from mine (to make a statement or just for laughs—either one is fine)...but still. I could do it. Would do it. But...didn't have to.



  1. It was nice to meet your folks.

    And I'm not just saying that b/c your mom reads this. :)

  2. I actually backed off that when it occurred to me that it might be a line you didn't want to cross. I didn't even know your parents were in the audience until after the set.


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