Monday, April 6, 2009


One more Job Fair rehearsal until show-time.

And I don’t know how the others feel, but I’m really liking the four players/four directors thing. Here’s why:
  • You get feedback from two different people (in my case, Nikki and Tommy)—so two different perspectives. 
  • When you’re not directing or playing, you get to watch—and notice what’s working and not, which is helpful when you do get up there. 
  • As a director, you have one other set of eyes on the work, and if you’re having a hard time explaining things, there’s help. 
  • Because everyone is both director and player, there’s no hesitation about giving notes. 
We’re all feeling good about the show—all four duos are coming together well. The differences are subtle:
  • Nikki and Tommy are using monologues to start scenes. 
  • Ed and I are doing a deconstruction that starts with a phone call. 
  • Nikki and Ed are playing with status. 
  • Tommy and I do ghost edits and poke at each other. 
Beyond that, it’s just scenes. No format. Though, if we ever do this again, I think there’s a lot to play with: callbacks, entrances and exits, a second act that brings us all together. Fun, fun.

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