Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So on the phone tonight, my Mom asked how many rehearsals I have left with the kids.


Show next week, Chicago trip the next, workshops/auditions/callbacks the next...and then their final show.

Wow. I didn't think of that AT ALL.

It was a good one. They've got everything they're going to get from me this year. We ran the Living Room twice. I had to shush them A LOT. (Especially the seniors. They are READY. TO. BE. DONE.) Tonight was just about asking questions ("How do you remember everything they talk about so you can use it in scenes?") and tightening the piece as much as we can (keeping the transitions fast and smooth).

The main thing I left them with was "know what you're doing." Pick one thing and be deliberate about it: volume of words, topography, energy, shape. Don't try to fix everything at once.

Hadn't realized that really, that's the last piece of advice I'll give some of them.

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