Monday, May 11, 2009


Tonight, we ran workshops for kids interested in joining Exit 16 next year. Every year, it's a three-step process: Optional workshop, audition, callback.

I think I've said this before: Run enough auditions, play the right games, and you can almost tell by the end of the warm-up who has the best chance of being a good improviser. It's even easier to tell with adults, because they're harder to train—so you can kind of assume you'll see whatever potential for growth they have by the end of a few rounds of go/yes, zip/zap/zop (the version where you let things evolve), and my new favorite, Jill Bernard's Loser Ball.

Tonight's group was fun. All good kids, all smart, all with potential to do nice work. Which, unfortunately, isn't nearly enough to get them into this group. It's complicated math:
  • Exit 16 can have 10-12 members
  • Gender split should be pretty even (this year is 7 girls, 5 guys—we prefer even numbers)
  • We're losing 6 kids (2 guys, 4 girls)
  • We'll have 2 sophomores and 4 seniors next year (3 girls, 3 guys)
Which means:
  • We can take 4-6 kids
  • Even numbers (or close) of girls and guys
  • We need a total of 6 sophomore and juniors, which means 4 more
  • We could take 2 seniors—but only if we take 6 kids total
And the kids we take have to balance the personalities we've got.
  • Chris and Laura can go from straight to quirky to creepy in nothing flat.
  • Elizabeth and Kay play smart, fearless, verbal characters in very different ways.
  • Steven and Garrett commit like crazy to big physical and/or emotional characters.
We're also trying to replace Tim's brains, Allie's versatility, Claire's physicality, Kristie's emotion, Amy's playfulness and Aron's presence. Which we won't do.

But we'll get six more kids who kick butt in ways we won't even be able to imagine at the end of the next few days. I can't wait to meet them.


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  2. Send me the ones that don't make it. I'll give them a good home, and return them to you bright and shiny!

  3. I like it when you say "Jill Bernard's Loser Ball" it makes it sounds like "Bram Stoker's Dracula"


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