Thursday, July 30, 2009

Really fast.

A few things from the Disney trip:
  • Randy and Kim and Charlie are all doing great. Charlie is adorable and outgoing and silly and sweet and knows no strangers and calls Kim "Mama Manatee," which is insanely cute. It was amazingly fabulous to see them again. (I gave them all the KC improv scene gossip. And yes, you were implicated.)
  • Disney is everything people say it is. It's a verrrrrrry different experience, I imagine, tackling it alone—without family, kids or brand-new fianceĆ©. But it turns out I kind of like doing things on my own terms, so that didn't bug me a bit.
  • Though kids can, if they aren't related to me or someone I adore, make me a little bit nuts, there were times they totally made my trip. I rode Splash Mountain with Mel, approx. 10yo, who breathlessly explained everything and asked if I'd ever read the story of B'rer Rabbit and pointed out stuff I'd've missed otherwise and told me when to hold my hands up and when to hold on tight and explained pin trading and probably would have asked me to dinner with his family for the rest of the week if I'd given him the chance.
  • Some of the rides seem to be struggling against this new need we (Members of the American Audience) have for authenticity. The Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Animal Kingdom, for example, is plenty cool without a poacher subplot ("The elephants are being attacked!") the tour driver can't quite pull off with sincerity. Sometimes it's enough to have cool stuff (like, you know, a WILD ANIMAL REFUGE) without a dramatic storyline.
  • You get older, and you wonder if you're losing the sense of adventure you had as a younger person. Although I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to further test what I learned at Worlds of Fun in the early '90s (I can't ride the spinny stuff any more), I was reassured to find that I still love roller coasters. The faster, higher, loopier and scarier, the better. I blame playing without a net every few weeks for this.
And there's the improv tie-back I was looking for. Now me and my swollen feet are going to bed.

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  1. Not to compare Silver Dollar City to Disney World (because I know there is no real comparison), but one of the things that I love about the SDC train ride is that the actors that portray cowboys and whatnot never take the whole show seriously. The screw up lines, break character, and generally let you know that they know that you know that they are not real cowboys. I know its wrong, but I love it. Perhaps something like this would have made the Kilimanjaro Safari ride more entertaining.

    And spinny rides that make people sick should be banned from all amusement parks.


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