Monday, August 24, 2009

Exit 16 rehearsal #1: The first stab

I meant to go through old notes and books and workshop plans and really carefully and strategically map out this first rehearsal.

Oh, well. Next time. So the plan:
  • Warm-up: attacker/defender, yes/name cross circle, scream, killer bunny, zip/zap/zop w/transformation.
  • Exercises to teach technique: Character walk (incorporating stuff I've learned from Dave Razowsky, Susan Messing, Michael Gellman Rebecca Sohn and Jill Bernard).
  • Performance games and forms that reinforce skills: They've got to be ready for a show at the Corbin after two rehearsals, so...Panel of Experts, Gauntlet (starting a scene from a line and emotion) and Beastie Rap, for starters.
I'll probably change it once we get started. Plus, they're gonna want to talk about freakin' t-shirt designs for a gazillion hours.


Random thing completely unrelated to improv: I joined a CSA this summer, so every Wednesday I get enough vegetables to feed a family. Some go bad (there are some really sad peaches in the back of my crisper drawer right now). Some get eaten (tomatoes and mozzarella and basil, oh my!). And a lot gets frozen.

Which means I seriously need to rearrange my freezer, because I'm running out of space. Martini glasses may have to skootch over to make way for more blanched, scraped and frozen creamed corn. Lean Pockets may lose their spot to more frozen cooked chicken (and another carcass or two). And eventually I'm going to have to nut up and chop the three pounds of different kinds of onions (red, white and sweet) so I can make chili and fajitas later this year.

Most of this stuff will get thawed out and cooked to feed groups—maybe chili for a Tantrum gathering, definitely fried okra and creamed corn when my parents visit, and we'll see if frozen mint—steeped in simple syrup—makes a decent winter mojito. But the cooking live part is kinda fun. Because dude: I can TOTALLY poach an egg.