Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going through notes.

Exit 16 played the Corbin this weekend and put up a pretty fun show—especially for young performers who haven't played together in two months or rehearsed since last May.

They start up rehearsal again in a few weeks. I'll have three kids in their third year, three in their second, and four total newbies. I didn't submit them to the KC Improv Festival again because of the new/experienced percentage—with only three rehearsals, there's no way they'd be ready to take the stage in a confident way. I feel like it's my job to put them in situations where they can feel really good about what they do.

So I'll spend between now and August 25 figuring out how to approach training this year. We always start with the basics—grounding the new guys and reminding the experienced ones where they came from. The good news: Some exercises, including a Spolin-influenced space walk and Del's Ritual, have become traditions, and if I go too long without bringing them in, the demands start.

What comes next:
  1. Figure out what I'm working with—strengths, challenges, holes.
  2. Decide whether I can create a run list for the first show and work towards it—or want to see what they bring at the first rehearsal and then do the planning.
  3. Lesson-plan the rehearsals between now and the first show. Pick games, exercises and approaches.
And all that means figuring out where my notes from 20ish years of workshops are, and deciding which instructors' work best fits this group.

Almost time to get back to work...

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