Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vote improv, dawg.

KMBC is running an A-List competition.

Sure, it's a popularity contest. The winner of Best Improv Comedy Group will be the group that convinces more of their fans to register and vote. Unlike the Pitch awards, there's not an objective critic saying, "Quality-wise, here's who's doing the most interesting work."

You might argue that the group with the highest number of loyal fans really IS the winner.

What do these things mean? Not much more than a blurb in your marketing materials, in the long-run. But I gotta tell you, I'm loving reading what Tantrum's fans think of us. (Former guest monologist Jim Howard, for example, accuses us of "utter shamelessness"—you know, in the good way.) Stacey (who started writing a blog you really should read if you like writing) has not only said wonderful things, but is pimping us from her Twitter account.

Tantrum is building a group of pretty rabid fans—and the fact some of them happen to be my friends from work doesn't diminish that a bit. I work with writers and artists and smart marketing people—and if they thing improv I'm involved in is worth watching, I couldn't ask for a higher compliment.

The one weird thing about this whole voting thing: I also play with Roving Imp. And love the guys in I-A and Loaded Dice. Also: Where is Spite on this list? Not splitting votes with Tantrum, maybe.

Michael and I are in charge of marketing for Tantrum, so...

Click here to tell the world you think Tantrum kicks ass.

Best news of all: We're keeping the non-improvisers out of the competition. The Improv at the Majestic? Not improv. Neither is Martin City. Neither is Stanford and Sons.