Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another year gets off to a great start.

The Exit 16 kids had their first show tonight, and I couldn't be happier with the way it went.

Hosting: We've been working on setting up scenes, and for the first time, they did the whole show without run-lists in hand. They learned from what they saw at the festival—and their hosting was smooth and professional.
Scenework: They played patient and smart. Not everything hit—but they never freaked out.
And then there was this: They opened with the Busby Berkeley we learned from Susan Messing. First up, their run through before the show—with my loud, bossy sidecoaching...

They knew to make it work they'd have to have higher energy and more variety in their "music," and I think they pulled it off.

I want to keep working with this piece—there's so much potential for different rhythm, different moves and different energy.

Anyway, I hope they're happy with the show. We'll watch it on video next week and tear things apart—because they're learning insanely high standards—but for now, I hope they're having a great post-show cup of coffee at Perkin's.

Want to check them out? They're performing at the Corbin Theater this Saturday at 8pm. It's $5. You can't lose.


  1. Nice work, kids! But then, you've got a good coach.

  2. So you're not looking for a hosting/game mechanics workshop after all?

  3. I'm not uninterested, but maybe looking at early next year. We're throwing in scene set-ups with a much larger percentage of scene and character work, and still doing a lot of teambuilding, so I've got the next couple of months jam-packed. I still do appreciate the offer, though. I was thrilled with what they picked up at the fest watching you guys host—you could tell they learned by example.


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