Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I get to call it a workout!

I do not use exclamation points casually.

But tonight, after Tantrum's rehearsal, Josh gave me permission to call it a workout (this is a big deal—read the comments here).

BECAUSE WE SWEATED OUR ASSES OFF. We brought a lot of the techniques we learned from Susan Messing to rehearsal, and ended things with a Ritual.

I've wanted to try that piece with Tantrum for ages, and was—as always—surprised and pretty thrilled with the result. Every time I thought it was ending, it was moving into another phase. When we finally did end, we'd come full circle. There were phases where I felt focused, judge-y, judged, tentative but mostly playful. Once we figured things out as a group, we were silly and confident and physical and other words, it was a Tantrum Ritual.

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