Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm gradually getting to the point where I actually believe every group I'm involved with serves a completely different need.

Tantrum: This is the one full-time group I'm fully invested in—I play, I partner with Michael on marketing, I contribute to group decisions about its future. But I think I've put too much pressure on this group in the past to meet every single want I have: ultimate improv fulfillment, social circle, experimentation and innovation. When I have the most fun, Tantrum is pure play.

Spite: Same (OK, bigger) level of commitment to producing, but with a smaller group to wrangle. Spite started as a Thunderdome team, and kicked it up one notch this year by playing more shows. We've started to talk about next year, and I'm excited about where we want to go. There will probably always be the producer-pressure here, but since there are only three of us, it's easier to agree on what we want. Coming soon, we'll wrestle with questions about branding, artistic goals and the way to commercial success...

Exit 16: Teach. Learn. Get crazy happy when I see kids love improv and like themselves. That seems like plenty.

Omega Directive: I play with some of the most fun, interesting improvisers in KC and have no responsibility for doing anything but showing up and doing my best work. So: Recess.

Duo Project 1: The idea is that Tina Morrison and I do a show next year, directed by John Robison. Three directors! One stage! Madness!

Duo Project 2: I don't know much about this one yet, other than I found someone who's interested in playing and shares a lot of my interest in work-shopping, experimenting, rehearsing a lot, discovering instead of inventing, combining theater and improv, and other arty stuff. I can't wait.

That should probably do it for now.


  1. You also do Thunderdome and Red Rubber Ball. :D

  2. You're absolutely right...but I'm not super regular with either, since they fight against teach other, so I didn't count them this time.

  3. The purpose of Brownies Don't Lie is to 1) wear little skirts and 2) meet boys. Oh and 3) apply the principles of Dave Razowsky & Viewpoints.


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