Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It IS important.

Tantrum and Spite have shows this week at a festival I did not produce.

This will be a first for me. Have I mentioned that I have done exactly dick for the KC Improv Festival this year? If not, it's only because to say so is extreeeeemely unladylike.

Here's the extent of my duties (heh. heh.):
  • Laying out the program (OK, and some editing, because I. CANNOT. LET. REALLY. BAD. WRITING. HAPPEN.). (Unless wine is involved, and let's be honest—this blog doesn't get written without the Cellar Rat.)
  • Showing up Wednesday and Friday to "help." Joe Henley has told me my position is officially "person who has run festivals before." Usually, I overstaff the hell of things, making me completely unnecessary. It will be interesting to see if this is true this time.
Oh, and I'll play some shows on Thursday and Friday. Which means focusing on the really important thing: What to wear. And makeup. And where we're going after the show.


  1. So you didn't like my quick hack & slash, cut & paste work? Thanks, good to know. :)


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