Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another project begins.

So after Thunderdome, Erik (who plays with CounterClockwise Comedy) and I decided it would be fun to do a show together.

We weren't inspired to do anything in particular. We just noticed, in talking after rehearsals, that we enjoy a fairly similar process, i.e. we're both willing to rehearse a lot, fuck around without a specific goal in mind, do dorky improv/acting exercises, etc., etc.

I had a few thoughts coming in:
  • Our Thunderdome set was Twilight Zone-ish, and we had a lot of fun playing "period" scenes. Maybe something early-'60s era? Inspired by Nichols & May, maybe fueled by the trendiness of Mad Men?
  • I play (and watch) a lot of improv with broad characters doing silly things—it might be fun to do something that feels more real and substantive, and not force it to be comedy. (Plus, he's a professional actor, and I want to learn from him.)
  • It'd be fun to play with non-traditional performance spaces—either in promoting the show or for the shows themselves. (I'm kicking myself, because I'd planned to see Bess Wallerstein's production of Arts and Crafts tonight. She's the queen of environmental theater in KC—Erik was in her last production—but my real job got in the way.)
We listened to some favorite Nichols and May sketches, and watched an episode of Mad Men and a podcast of one of TJ & Dave's shows. And ultimately decided just to play next week and see what happens.

We've got a chance to work with Jill a little at the ImpFest. My instinct, as usual, is to button something up by then. Instead, we're just going to trust that something will come out of it.

Which, believe it or not, feels even better.


  1. Because what you really need is more improv in your life.

  2. I know, right?

    This one's different, I swear. Part of the appeal is doing a totally different kind of work. Really! I've convinced myself this is true.

  3. It's improv. Delude yourself and invent justifications if you will, but it's improv.

  4. Improv Legends are not allowed to do anything but improv related things.


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