Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aaaand we're back, with Michael Byars.

Tantrum is back, We've been off since EARLY NOVEMBER, people.

Friday's show should be fun.

Michael Byars, KCUR Morning Edition host (if you listen to KCUR, you know the time and temperature in his voice) and music dude, joined us at rehearsal tonight to prep for the show (This Friday! At the Westport Coffeehouse! At 8pm!).

We get varying reactions to warmups by our guest monologists. Some find them even tougher than doing the show—others dive right in. Michael was a diver. He passed the Ball of Emotion. He sang backup in Musical Hot Spot. He got weird in the game Jill taught us.

We love him already.

We zipped through our piece, with him telling stories and us doing scenes. We were definitely playful—which is what I love best about Tantrum—even though in the run-through we didn't really hit any meaty scenes. So Pete ran us through some more focused scenework exercises at the end.

Every group I play with means something different to me. Tantrum was the first troupe I really felt like part of after Lighten Up/Funny Outfit. I love the group's energy and how such different people play off each other. I love that we can have radically different views about improv and life and the ways that makes us stronger. I love the close-to-even girl/guy ratio and the range of experiences we bring to the stage.

And right now, I love the fact that we get to play again this weekend.

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