Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last week and this one.

Rambling about last week...

Spite stuff
After a fun rehearsal/planning session, we were really excited to get back on stage together again. The Roving Imp—as we knew it would—has the most welcoming vibe in the world. The One cast put on an amazing show; they're ensemble is seriously playful and smart, and they didn't miss anything. Our set felt a Odd. Whatever. We didn't feel as connected as we like to.

Nikki figured it out—we didn't make our standard pre-show promise/threat. So at the Fishtank for KCXRC, we made sure to cover that—and tried a short, Spolin-inspired warm-up that felt really, really good. The set was a fun one.

Also, at the Fishtank
Erik Johnson and I book-ended the January KCXRC schedule with beejay. The Saturday night show, once again, felt great. Our improv backgrounds are pretty different, but we agree that they complement each other. Not sure what's next for beejay—but these two shows have been a blast.

And we got to bring our Thunderdome gang, Team Number 9, back for one last show. Keith Curtis filled in for Steve, and we played another round of Freeze Tag. It was a fun, fluffy little set.

And out in Bonner Springs
Wednesday night was one of our last few rehearsals with Olive Juice before they compete in Thunderdome. We waited until this week to come up with a format, just to get a sense of the way Nifer, Julie and Chanté play with each other; the result mixes some iO, some Viewpoints and some Jill Bernard. They played around with some of the techniques we've worked in the Imp early show on Friday, and there was gleeful clapping. The girls are eff you en to work with—I'm really looking forward to the Olive Juice/Spite chick shows coming in March and April.

Omega Directive rehearsed Thursday for the first time in months. We're really simplifying our show structure; now it's just two different frameworks for scenes, and I love it. The only down-side: I screwed up my calendar, so I missed playing with them on Saturday. Next month, dammit.

Oh, and...
After two years of Peggy begging and pleading with me to do cardio, I finally started running. I missed a couple of days last week and took today off because my arms are so freaking sore I can barely lift them. Yes: My. ARMS. Apparently moving them back and forth when you run is part of what makes it such a good workout. Running 5K on Friday and 2 miles on Saturday—then throwing in some pretty hard-core upper body stuff in our small group on Saturday—did me in.

But it's back on the treadmill tomorrow—because Spite is running a 5K in March. WTF.

Coming this week
Exit 16 on Tuesday. Olive Juice on Wednesday. And a benefit for Haiti by KC Crossroads Comedy on Saturday. I'll be in the tech booth. The kids will be on stage with their alter-egos, Some Technical Difficulties.

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