Sunday, January 3, 2010

P.S. Interesting thoughts from the creator of long form

If you haven't already, download these notes from Del's classes and read them. Joey Novick—the guy who typed them up because his originals were faded—originally gave them to Marc and me. When we invited Del to a festival, Joey came, too...bringing things nicely full circle. In his intro, Joey talks about the piece they did. Joey has the Bible they used in the show; I have the one Del stole from his own room.

Anyway, I've skipped around some. You'll find this idea starting seven pages in:
If the mind is in the way, all we are going to get is ideas. ... So, if you use your insular, private wig to invent, concoct brand new solutions and responses, what's likely to happen? ... Thought, too much thought, is a ruiner.
Yeah, I over-think things off stage. But my goal is always to not over-think in scenes. Another thing I liked, from an article by a guy in Del's Committee workshops:
"I tell Close he has taught me much. He replied that I've still got so much to learn it's ridiculous to look back yet."
Specific exercises and techniques start on page 41.

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