Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking a ride

Quickly, and briefly, before I forget it all:

At Spite rehearsal, after our usual malicious gossip and 1.5 bottles of wine, I imagine I wasn't the only one wondering how to make a graceful transition into doing scenes. We'd been talking about funky theater shit we loved doing, and it occurred to me I had a CD of Viola Spolin narrating a space walk.

So we did it.

What we learned:
  • In true soft focus, you can practically see behind yourself.
  • If you touch and allow yourself to be touched, or see and allow yourself to be seen, your awareness expands exponentially.
  • The chair on the left, though practically identical to the chair on the right, is much goofier.
  • You can see without really seeing, and we do it way too often.
As I've mentioned, part of the joy of playing with multiple troupes is discovering what I get out of each one. And I think maybe I'm realizing that it really is about discovering, not deciding. If I go into a project with expectations, they're rarely met; but if I just play, I'm likely to find something wonderful.

The Spite girls want to push ourselves to try new things (in fact, we came up with a list to inspire this year's promotions, and it may just involve a painful, well-documented trip to an esthetician). I think we realized tonight that we're all pretty cool with geeky, hard-core, abstract theater and improv exercises.

Can't wait to play this weekend. Two shows—one Friday at the Imp, and one Saturday at the Fishtank. Small, intimate spaces with friendly crowds. Should be just right for us.

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