Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, THIS is new.

It would be dishonest to say I enjoy running.

The dread of knowing I have to go to the gym...the claustrophobic, can't-catch-a-breath feeling...the discomfort of shoes bought without knowing how my feet work...the soreness between my shoulder blades from pumping my arms...the sweat...

Nope. Can't say I love it.



I could stare at the "see all runs" view on the Nike+ site all night. I love being able to show Peggy I've done cardio, like she's been bugging me to do for two years. And that moment where my feet go numb and I get goosebumps that start at my shins?

OK. I'm starting to get it.

But this whole cardio thing didn't make sense until I signed up for the Rock the Parkway 5K. And then the WIN for KC Triathlon. Now, all of a sudden, I'm working towards something. And all of a sudden, the regret attached to missing a workout (like I did tonight, to do taxes) isn't because I feel guilty about 'fessing up to my trainer. It's more because I missed a chance to help make sure I'll survive March 27 and July 31.

Which is kind of why I rehearse and take classes.

It's not that I want to connect working out to improvising (much)—in fact, part of what I'm trying to do is finding something completely different to spend my time doing. And it's too early to say I've found a new thing to throw myself into—I've got a ridiculously short attention span and a tendency to feel like I've discovered something no one else has ever felt in the history of feeling any time I try something new. (Though they don't say anything, I have a feeling my family finds this a particularly insufferable part of my personality.)

I don't run very far. And I've been pretty wimpy when it comes to kicking up the incline so far. Now I have cycling to add to it—and my first 30 minutes on a stationary bike was unimpressive, to say the least. Swimming? Ahhh...we'll get to that in a month or so.

It just feels really good to have so much room to grow stretching out ahead of me.


  1. At least you're honest. I don't believe anyone who says he/she enjoys running. People enjoy the results of running--structure, sense of accomplishment, discipline--but I've never seen a single person look better than miserable when performing the activity.

    One question: do you obsess about running or improv during the endless miles on the treadmill?

  2. Thanks, Erin!

    Josh: It's a mix, depending on what I've got coming up—rehearsal, show, promo push. Sometimes about my personal life. Or lack thereof. Or things that piss me off. I do spend a surprising amount of time obsessing about runningbikingOMGtriathlon?WTFwasIthinking?!!1?! That sort of thing.

    But yeah. There's obsessing.

  3. I want to do the tri! If I can get my foot fixed I'm signing up.


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