Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little random blah-de-blah.

A few show updates:
  • Spite played around with a different format—the improvisers' fave Living Room—just to switch things up on Friday night at the Imp. It was fun to do something different—and nice to have the conversations to pull themes from.
  • I swung by the Fishtank to catch the first set at KC Crossroads Comedy: Some Technical Difficulties doing their take on the Living Room. They had some really nice scenes in their set—a few really sophisticated set-ups, especially considering their ages. It's interesting to watch the Exit 16 kids playing in front of adult crowds (and audiences made up of folks who don't know them). Taking any improv troupe outside their home theater/audience pushes them in new directions.
  • Monday night, Jared has invited me to the Trip Fives rehearsal to take them through some Viewpointsy stuff I learned from David Razowsky. It's Tim Lemke's last rehearsal, prior to his final show, so I'm looking forward to one last chance to tell him what to do.
  • Exit 16 and the Cardinals Jesters play together this Thursday at the Corbin. That's turning out to be a fun little show—two sets by two student improv troupes. They complement each other nicely, and it's great to see what Clay and Drew (two former Exit 16ers) are doing as directors of the William Jewell troupe.
  • Tantrum gets to play with KMBC's Johnny Rowlands this coming Friday, and I can't wait. Tantrum's last show together was a blast—and Johnny's stories should be fun to play with. We've got a bunch of new monologists coming up, including Hallmark pals Sergio and Emily and Stacey.
So...ummmm...busy week.

The other thing I'm trying to cram in is working out. I've been giving myself one day off a week, which I probably shouldn't be—I have, thus far, been unwilling to give up fun stuff (good food, good beer, decent wine). I've got a few major incentives to get into better shape:
  • March: Running in the Rock the Parkway 5K with the Spite girls.
  • April: The Chicago Improv Festival, where Spite will be an apprentice team.
  • May: Josh & Kim's wedding. In Mexico. Where a swimsuit in front of people I know is bound to happen.
  • June: A family beach trip. Where, again: Swimsuit. Ack.
I don't just feel better when I'm in good shape—I play better. I'm more physical, more confident—and not tugging at my clothes or worrying about back fat.

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